It’s been almost a year since the premiere of the children’s musical, “Knight Camp at Rock Kingdom.”  Since that time, more than 60 children’s choirs from churches or schools in at least 16 states (as far away as Alaska) have learned and shared this musical (and those are just the ones I know about from the internet or word of mouth). I have heard some remarkable stories of how God has used these children and their faithful leaders to encourage believers and bring others to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Soli Deo Gloria!

You might wonder just what motivated me to write the script for this musical?  That’s simple:  PASSION.  Perhaps I can better explain myself by sharing my “Reflections on Writing for CMS 5.1/5.2” provided on the LifeWay CMS Plans&Pluses 5.1/5.2 CD:

“I just love going to the beach! The ocean, the sky, the sand, the seashells, and all the animals remind me of God’s incredible creation and omnipotent power. But in a storm, I sure want to be up high on solid ground. And because I know the storms of life will come, I choose to build my life on Jesus, the unchangeable Rock of Ages.

Today’s children are increasingly faced with living on shaky ground in stormy times. The emotional and spiritual battles they face are difficult and very real. My passionate calling and heart’s desire is for young people to know the unchangeable love of Jesus and the solid foundation the Bible provides. Through the words and music we offer, my deepest prayer is that those who work with and love children as much as I do will find this a valuable resource to draw others to God’s kingdom. May God’s blessings and joy be yours as you love and nurture the precious children of our King.  --Soli Deo Gloria”

If you are reading this blog, I suspect you share my passion, and I know God has brought you to this place and time for a special purpose. My prayers are with you as you find and live the God-given passions and callings of your heart.

So, if you want to know more about “Knight Camp at Rock Kingdom,” read on.

Click on the arrow above to view a slideshow with sound and photo highlights from some of the July 2009 premiere  presented at the LifeWay Worship Leadership Conference in Ridgecrest, NC by the combined children’s choirs from First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA (Melanie Sauer-Director) and First Baptist Church of Snellville, GA (Dana Coleman-Director).  These choirs did a remarkable job of sharing about the ‘Rock of Ages.’  Thanks also go to Georgia Baptist Convention Music & Worship folks Dr. Jon Duncan, Steve Brown and their faithful staff for their incredible vision and support. 

A huge “thanks” goes to my editor and good friends on the LifeWay CMS Production Team:    especially to Anita Bice, Vickie Allen, Paula Sims and Mike Harland along with...

Brent Roberts, Wendell McGuirk, Pam Mullins, Ronald Clark, Allison Smith and YM 5.1/5.2 writers Susan Eernisse, Diane Dawson and Katheron Latham.

Script by Lynn Shaw Bailey (yours truly).  Music by many wonderful composers and arrangers (see KCRK Songs list below).

KCRK Songs include:

He’s My Rock of Ages - Lynn Shaw Bailey
Sound Off! - Anita Bice
Our Father in Heaven - Nan Grantham
The Army of the Lord - Sarah Moore
Build On the Rock - Ruth Elaine Schram
My Foundation - Sarah Moore
My King - Jeremy Johnson & Paul Marino
Glorious Is Thy Name - McKinney (arr. Lynn Shaw Bailey/Becki Mayo)
In Christ Alone - Keith Getty & Stuart Townend
As We Go - Jeremy Johnson

(Four (4) additional anthems are also included in the YM 5.2 curriculum.)

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